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Post-graduate Mexico Treks

Share with your class the most valuable experiences the Mexican way! 

We are in charge of every single detail, you are in charge of making the most out of it

Life is about relationships.

We value the importance of networking and life-lasting connections made in postgraduate programs, therefore, we have created the most unique experience based on your likes and dislikes to tighten your connections while living Mexico at its fullest.


By mixing culture, party, traditions, gastronomy, contemporary highlights, and unique celebrations, we are sure that your Mexico Trek will go beyond your class’ expectations and will be a highlight in their master program.

Experience Mexico the most unique way possible!

Andaya's celebrations

Because life is a celebration!

Celebrate your trip in unique breath-taking events with true Mexican essence.

Our local activities

Hand-crafted local experiences

We have created the most authentic and personalized activities which will allow you to get to know Mexico as a local!

Attention to detail

Because we care

Our core attention to detail and passion for our country guarantees your experience will go above and beyond every single time! We take care of everything while you enjoy the best trip of your life!

Our expertise

We are travelers

Our years in the Mexican tourism sector have led us to exceed our clients expectations while visiting our country. We have partnered up with the most qualified suppliers to deliver the absolute best experience and service.

We take care of every single detail, while you create life-lasting moments

Our Clients

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