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We believe traveling is all about connecting

We understand the importance of building strong relationships 

and we are sure that traveling is the best channel to do so


We are Mexican passionate travelers who are continuously amazed by the breathtaking ingredients that make Mexico a unique place in the world.


“Anda ya” means let’s go, a local phrase for getting things done. And in our case for jumping into life-changing experiences that will secure long-lasting relationships and moments within your group.


By being travelers ourselves, we have stumbled upon various traditional, close-minded agencies, which made us realize the necessity of creating Andaya. A Mexican, innovative company, powered by state-of-the-art technological solutions and focused on tailor-made, one-of-a-kind experiences, while guaranteeing the best quality and customer service.


Our experience

There is no better way to excel at being our better selves than by experience.

We have worked with top MBA programs and companies with outstanding outcomes and challenges that help us become better and more prepared every day. 

From 30 t0 +200 people group sizes, we have designed the perfect itineraries and trip operations through simple, efficient and personalized processes that result in the best overall experience.


Mexico and our goals

We are in love with Mexico. With our culture, our people, our food, our diversity, natural wonders, history, and our traditions, which we mix and mingle to create the best experience for your group to fall in love with Mexico too.


Our main goals are to help you create strong relationships the most authentic possible way, and to make an impact in Mexico through revealing its own beauty to the world while supporting local suppliers. 

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